Saturday, February 13, 2010

Knitting for Those in Need

Wow! Almost two weeks since the last blog. Very Sorry :-(

Well, several of you have been coming into the shop and crabbing about the lack of postings, so here's the scoop. I've been flying too much with nothing fun to report. I've been busy at the shop with ordering, paying bills and closing out paperwork for 2009. And, I've been knitting aimlessly and not finishing a thing!

When Lisa Hatton and Rita Arthur told me that they were tired of looking at those darn needles from the last post, I knew I was well overdo. It's time to put fun and blogging back into my life!

When I ask Rita for some inspiration, she told me that she has been doing a lot of charity knitting for her church. She said is involved with Prayer Needles. They knit blankets and hats for the Children's Home, where are currently 64 children ages seven and above. They also knit prayer shawls for the sick.

Five minutes later, TJ Dixon called with questions about the free form knitting class. Next thing you know we're talking about ways to use up stash and miscellaneous scrap yarn. She said she had been knitting lots of newborn baby caps with her leftover yarn for the Rose Garden Ministries in Covington. She has been cranking them out and shares the following pattern with you.

"You can knit this cute little baby hat in under two hours. All you need are worsted weight yarn scraps, #7 dpns, and a 16” #7 circular needle. Instructions are for newborn (0-6 months). Using a #7 circular needle, cast on 56 (64) stitches. Join for working in the round and knit until the hat measures 5 ½” (6”) from the beginning. On the next row, K2tog across. Switch to dpns and k2tog across the next 2 rows. Cut yarn and thread it through the remaining stitches. Weave in ends and voila! Add a pom-pom, make I-cord loops on top, etc."

As most of you know, we work closely with Tammy Simpson and Scarf It Up for Those in Need and other causes like Celebritrees. This month we have been asking for your support for Scarf It Up by donating $1 with every purchase or buying a chance to win a beautiful watercolor painting that is displayed at the shop. The support has been great. The Watercolor tickets are sold out!

When your thinking about your next project or in my case, you just need to start something new- we have lots of charities that would appreciate your generosity, kindness and talent.

I'm off on yet another four-day trip. I'll try to blog while I'm away!

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